SmartBeekeeper team is led by Dr. Panuwan Chantawanankul. Dr. Panuwan studies honey bee pathology and bee products in Thailand. She is currently an Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology (1991-1995) as a scholar under the “Development and Promotion in Science and Talent” project supported by the Thai government. She finished her PhD in Microbiology at Cardiff University, United Kingdom, where she studied American foulbrood, the fatal disease of European honey bee.
In year 2000, she took a one year postdoctoral post in Japan working on protein crystallization, a research activity supported by MONBUSHO (Japanese government). Her research studies have been supported by the Thailand Research Fund, the Office of the Higher Education Commission, the National Research Council of Thailand, and other international funding sources such as the Hitachi Scholarship Foundation. In 2008, she established the Bee Protection Laboratory as a one-stop service for bee disease diagnosis and bee product development for local beekeeper communities in Northern Thailand.
She also serves as executive committee member of the COLOSS (Prevention of Honeybee COlony LOSSes) network.
Dr. Chantawannakul has devoted over 10 years of her career to various research projects and academic activities. She would also like to promote research activities in Asia on the beautiful creature, “the honey bee”, which provides food and pollination services worldwide, thereby nurturing nature as well as the environment.